Message of Top Team



Mr. Belal Hossain, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is having immense experience in this handicrafts sector as long as he has been doing this business for around 30 years. He has made his position unique due to his innovative ideas, leadership skills, positive mentality, learning attitude, international work-related experiences, hard work, dedication, adaptability, honesty and customer centered exercise. Mr. Belal is very strong in relationship management which is one of the principles of the Quality Management System. He has good contact with more than 100 customers all around the world. He has made himself a reliable contact person where customers find different types of conviction in his words. He is very experienced in cost management system. He is having a personal touch with many of his colleagues that has placed him in different heights. He believes in participatory decision making. Moreover, his way of managing administration has already become well admired nationally and internationally due to his long working experience in Bangladesh Navy. It is pertinent to point out that Mr. Hossain had served many years in Bangladesh Navy with a very good academic and professional background. He participated in different types of training in home and abroad which has helped him to act as a good administrator. He was in Europe for many years and he travels frequently in different countries. As a result, he got opportunities to understand product’s specific customer expectations and competitive price range. BD Creation staff considers honorable CEO as their mentor.



Mr. Mustafa Ahamed Pias, COO (Chief Operating Officer) is a very dynamic personality who has established his position very strong in this business for more than 12 years due to his strategic planning, competency, deliberate decision-making capability, proactive approach, honesty, professionalism and hard work. He has more than 16 years of working experience at home and abroad. He has a very good capacity to predict, especially in this handicrafts business sector. He always tries to decide in advance, which is very basic of planning and the first part of management. He completed his education from United Kingdom and served almost 3 years in different organizations in the UK as an outstanding performer. Due to his timely and proactive decision, BD Creation has extended its operation in different locations in Bangladesh through which many jobless people have got opportunities to work and explore themselves. As a result, the overall socio-economic condition has been improved. Due to his personal intervention, BD Creation has established compliant factories and production centers in different locations of Bangladesh where a good number of foreign clients visit almost every month and share their innovative ideas. Mr. Mustafa is very competent in cost management system. Due to his direct involvement, enormous hard work and endless effort, all types of factory related extension activities and section wise development are moving forward very smoothly. Mr. Mustafa is a good organizer. He is involved in many social organizations with an intention of helping the deprived people. He has participated in many workshops and performed as guest speaker organized by public and private organizations.



Mr. Imran Khan (Director) is having more than 16 years of working experience in home and abroad with ISO certified companies. He got opportunities to work with multinational companies in UAE for around five and half years with responsible positions like Training Manager and HR Manager. He was nominated for the Prime Minister Gold Medal due to his outstanding academic performance in B.Sc (Honors). He was also awarded by the Vice-Chancellor medal. He has completed his MBA (Major in Marketing) from Dhaka University. He has also completed PGDHRM with a very good CGPA from BIM. He has completed the course NEBOSH, IGC with credit marks which helps to work with necessary safety precautions. He has participated in different training and workshops at home and abroad and achieved certificates on different topics. He has sound knowledge in Management, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, Industrial Health & Safety, Bangladesh Labour Laws etc. Mr. Imran is performing as the head of QMS, HR & Compliance department. He is also incorporating his overseas knowledge in terms of customer dealing and relationship management that leads to sustainable business. With his enormous dedication, proactive planning, efficient organizing, proper leading and controlling ability, company has become able to work with a good number of internationally well-known customers like H&M, JC Penney, Primark, LPP etc. with reputation. He has incorporated quality system in every processes of operations. He strongly believes that collective expertise, experiences and working together as a team may ensure a long term and sustainable business future that will meet up the demand of international market.