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BD Creation is the best handicrafts manufacturing & exporting company in Bangladesh. BD Creation offers quality products, competitive prices and on-time delivery. BD Creation delivers high-quality, eco-friendly different types of Baskets, Laundry, Bags, Mats, Rugs, Poufs, Mirror, Macrame, Furniture, Wall Shelves and Trays in single and sets. We can use these different types of products in different places. Because of these things many forms of decoration benefit from it since it gives character and a touch of natural beauty.

Most Popular handicraft Products

Art No: SCP-02
Art No: BDC-77
Art No: DJB-41
Art No: BDR-16
Art No: BDI-12
Art No: BDR-82
Art No: HSB-33
Art No: BWH-58

Our most popular products are Seagrass basket, Seagrass bag, Seagrass floor mat, Seagrass placemat, Seagrass Tray, Seagrass oval cylinder, Seagrass pouf, Seagrass cylinder, Seagrass oval laundry basket, Seagrass laundry basket, Jute basket, Jute bag, Jute Cylinder, Jute laundry basket, Jute pouf, Jute macrame, Jute floor mat, Jute placemat, Jute rugs, Cotton rugs, Jhuta rugs, Kans grass basket, Palm fiber basket, Date leaf basket, Rattan Furniture, Rattan basket, Rattan mirror, Rattan Wall Shelves, Water hyacinth basket, Water hyacinth Placemat, etc.

New Development Handmade Products

Art No: DJB-25
Art No: BDH-05
Art No: BDR-04
Art No: BDC-28
Art No: BDC-91
Art No: SCP-107
Art No: BWH-02

BD Creation likes to walk in the process of change to learn new things. To innovate new handmade product BD Creation has an experienced Product Development Department. The dedicated department always keeps its keen eye on new trends, making artwork based on customer desire, finding cultural art to renew visually, and following up the current market trend to create something desirable and catchy. They feel the feedback of customers and bring out their latent imagination by developing a new product. Our product development team works on jute, seagrass, cane (rattan), palm fibre, banana fibre, Kans Grass (river grass), Mendong leaf, water hyacinth and bamboo-based items. They also try to develop clay items like Tera Cota and Pottery. It is our regular process to surf new trends and business opportunities to build a new product for the sustainability of Handicrafts. In this way, BD Creation always keeps an effort to put a benchmark in the world wholesale handicrafts market by developing new products with integrity.

Our Certifications

BD Creation is a compliant factory with well-structural buildings. It stands on three separate 4-storied buildings like our monogram, and all the buildings have installed fire doors, spacious stairs, and available entry and exit points. Our facilities adhere to social awareness and technological availability to run the factory smoothly. Our employees are happy to share their feelings with us, which creates a good work environment and enriches productivity.
BD Creation is the right choice for handicraft products due to the following reasons:
(1) Dedicated team for every single operation (from development to shipment).
(2) Quality product at an affordable price.
(3) A shorter lead time of production and on-time delivery.
(4) Socially Compliant (ISO, BSCI, SEDEX, OEKO TEX, FSC, GSV, GRS and Higg Index).

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