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BD Creation is the best handicrafts manufacturing & exporting company in Bangladesh. BD Creation offers quality products, competitive prices and on-time delivery. BD Creation delivers high-quality eco-friendly different types of Baskets, Laundry, Bags, Mats, Rugs, Poufs, Furniture, Mirror, Macrame, Wall Shelves, Trays in single and sets. We can use these different types of products in different places. Because these things many forms of decoration benefit from it since it gives character and a touch of natural beauty.

Most Popular

Art No: BDH-89
Art No: SCP-02
Art No: BDC-26
Art No: BDC-54
Art No: BDD-01
Art No: BDC-77
Art No: DJB-41
Art No: BDH-61
Art No: BJB-65
Art No: BDR-75
Art No: BDI-12
Art No: BJM-08
Art No: BDR-67
Art No: BDR-82
Art No: BJP-10
Art No: DJB-36
Art No: BDR-32

Our most popular products are Seagrass basket, Seagrass bag, Seagrass mat, Seagrass pouf, Jute basket, Jute bag, Jute pouf, Jute macrame, Jute mat, Jute rugs, Cotton rugs, Jhuta rugs, Kans grass basket, Rattan basket, Rattan Furniture, Rattan mirror etc.

New Developments

Art No: DJB-25
Art No: BDH-05
Art No: BDH-83
Art No: BJM-32
Art No: BJM-04
Art No: BJP-01
Art No: BDH-104
Art No: BDC-02
Art No: BDR-04
Art No: BDR-65
Art No: BDC-28
Art No: BDC-54
Art No: BDC-74
Art No: BDC-91
Art No: BDH-161
Art No: BDH-169
Art No: BJH-74

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